The 7 fundamentals values

1. Enjoy one self and have fun

Be fun and have fun. Bring joy and pleasure. Be serious, but never take yourself too seriously. Be committed to spreading good around you and enjoy doing it.

2. Surprise with the quality of service

Don’t be satisfied with very good. Only aim for excellency and turn this into a philosophy and a trademark. Listen, understand and answer to needs. But always try to go further. Always try to surprise.

3. Be adventurous, flexible and creative

Be flexible and polyvalent, be alert and reactive. Consider that nothing is ever set in stone, so always keep moving. Observe, analyse and change. Be adventurous in mind, be an explorer in action.

4. Be passionate, combative and determined

Put your heart into everything that is done. Nothing important is achieved without passion, so be passionate and share the benefits with the highest number. Be women and men of challenges. Don’t see the limits as brakes, but as milestones to reach and overrun.

5. Fail with success

Don’t be scare to be wrong. But learn from your mistakes. See in every failure an opportunity and a way to improve. Understand that nothing innovative is done without mistakes. Know how to be wrong to go further ahead.

6. Be free

Be free to think, express yourself and act. Freedom is the biggest wealth, hold on to this freedom, respect other’s and never let anyone go against it.

7. Be humble

Always keep your feet on the ground. Gain experience and listen to whoever does not have it. Become responsible and be accessible to whoever is not. A good leader is not the one who talks, but the one who listens. Adopt this attitude with all.